On planning a Sunday

No picture in this blog would do justice to what we actually experienced. It all started with a chat. I had a trip long overdue with my friend and it was on a bright Sunday that I finally finished my work and made it to catch up with her. No luxurious car can beat a bike when it comes to road tripping around Goa. You got to soak in the beauty of the bylanes, the tree-lined roads and the local buzz. We are gradually losing hold on geography by totally relying on GPS Maps, so I recommend you to find your own way by taking help from the locals until you don’t get lost!

Nested below the Nerul bridge is a mesmerizing restaurant ‘The Lazy Goose’. A rather casual cafe with a live band and exotic cuisine, there is a sense of passion in every detail. Be it the decor or service, the overall mood of the place uplifts you to a relaxed mode. Sided by Nerul river, fish trawlers frequent the place and this adds to the Goan charm.  We went for the highly recommended mocktails Coconut Colada and Kiwi Mojito. Food is undoubtedly amazing and drool-worthy. Stuffed crab is their highest seller, however every dish is equally delectable.

Riding aimlessly for the next few kilometers, we reached Pilerne Industrial Estate and dropped by at Museum of Goa which was holding an art exhibition. The museum also has an in-house cafe and store.

The weather was very balmy that led to a sugar rush in us both. A highly acclaimed cafe called ‘Morgan’s Place’ saved the day. This place is themed as ‘Alice in Wonderland’ which is set up in an old refurbished Portuguese architecture house. After burning off the skin in the scorching heat, it was a great relief to crash in the sofas. It was very homey that for a moment we forgot our manners and snug into the sofas. An excellently served dessert loaded with fruits and ice cream topped it all. We were so glued to the place that it took us some real determination to leave.

Hello to the Queen

Long story short, it is important to find the right mode of transport in the right place considering the weather conditions.  Also, avoid cramming a lot of plans because it is important to admire the beauty of every bit and the process is rather slow. So go ahead, channel me into traveling and your Sunday will surely rock!


14 thoughts on “On planning a Sunday”

  1. SHRUTI Ur rendezvous of a lazy Sunday outing on the most travel easy bike gave me a peep into some serene locations of North Goa. I thus entered to a gourmet of veg and non veg scrumptious platter swinging amidst palms and the breeze caressing my cheeks. Alice in Wonderland fulfilled my craving of saying hello to my queen Shruti. I expect some more insights into Goan destination s where I m too lazy to loiter on my own.

  2. Shruti 👍 it was lovely reading your blog. Felt like a journey with you. You have captured Goa beautifully.
    Blog ruchik laglo 😘😘

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